Love & Hate

You love to dance whole time .

But you have to do job full time .

So you can’t dance any time .

You start hating your job .

First you passionately love dancing .

Now you passionately hate working .

O M G !

Passion vs Passion

As you can’t go back to your

passionate love; you hate more

passionately your job . And that

becomes your dominant vibration .

Your life gets occupied with these

don’t want things. And your love

went beyond horizon .

Because now you are

hating more than love !

Eureka !!!

I got formula of manifestation !

Don’t you ?

Tricky part of manifestation !

Our Emotions are Light house

of our life

Now we know that

to change our circumstances

we have to change our thoughts.

But while feeling

sad, depressed, frustrated, angry

one can not think

cheerful, satisfactory, motivational


So we have to

recognize our emotions

and change that first.

That’s the tricky part of

manifestation !




Thankful for the image on Pixcel by Anand Dandekar